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"Drug free therapy for pain free horses!"

After 8 Treatments

​No scar!

Before Treatment

​Abscess from bad IV injection, complicated by small hole in esophagus

Keep your top athlete in top shape - we can give you an advantage!


What is laser?

The word "laser" stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Cold lasers supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal(non-heatproducing) photons of light. This light is transmitted through the skin and fat layers of the body, penetrating 3 - 5 inches, and causes an increase in cellular metabolism. This greatly assists in the healing process and also optimizes the immune responses of the blood. This results in pain relief, decreased inflammatory response and immunosupportive effects.

We use a portable LiteCure Pegasus 15 Watt Class IV laser, the most powerful laser on the market and what you would normally find only at a select few veterinary clinics. Results can be astounding! Many chronic cases in which all other conventional treatments failed responded remarkably well with just a few weeks of laser treatments. Drastically decrease down time and increase your horse's level of performance with laser therapy! For more information on the Pegasus laser please visit


Is it safe?

Yes! Cold lasers do not emit x-rays or produce heat. Cold laser therapy is extremely safe, approved by the FDA, and has been around for nearly 30 years. Clinical studies have conclusively shown that cold laser therapy restores balance, energy and oxygen to damaged cells without affecting healthy ones. This restoration results in accelerated healing and cell regeneration. Cold lasers support the natural healing process in many ways: produces endorphins-naturally reducing pain; increases circulation; increases flow of healing enzymes to injured area; releases muscle spasm; speeds bone repair; reduces swelling, redness and heat; is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-parasitic.

Cold Laser Applications:

Reduces Swelling

Controls Inflammation

Speeds Healing

Effective on Acupuncture Points

Enhances Lymphatic Draining

Assists Neuro-Regeneration

Decreases/Eliminates Musculoskeletal Pain

Decreases/Eliminates Myofascial Pain

Suppresses Nociceptor(pain receptors) Action

Strengthens Immune System Response

Pretreat Specific Areas Before Competition to

Increase Circulation and Help Prevent Injury

Useful For:

Acute Tissue Damage/Wounds

Chronic Pain


Back Pain - Muscular or Skeletal(Kissing Spine)

Lameness - Tendon/Ligament Injuries


Joint Issues/Bursitis

Soft Tissue Injuries




Bucked Shins




Laser Therapy


After 4 Treatments

​(Treated every 3 days)