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What is Equine Sports Massage?


Equine Sports Massage is the therapeutic application of professional human sports massage techniques to the equine athlete. Therapeutic massage focuses on identifying and treating the root cause, not the symptom and can ease tension and reduce painful disorders of the muscles and/or nervous system. 

Sports massage increases your horse's level of performance, improves his attitude towards work and gives you an advantage over the competition. Most training programs emphasize building strength, speed and endurance. As the muscular system develops, the horse tends to lose flexibility and gain muscular tension. Tight muscles shorten the stride, restrict natural ability, contribute to bad attitudes and lead to poor performance.

Top level performance horses are not the only ones that can benefit greatly from massage - lesson horses(your bread and butter!) are especially susceptible to muscular issues due to unbalanced riders and the variety of saddles used on them to accommodate different clients.


Massage therapy is regularly used by human athletes but is often underestimated and underutilized as treatment for common equine issues. Many horses that are stiff, "cold-backed", sour, one-sided or uncoordinated can benefit greatly from routine sports massage therapy. Horses that are increasing their level of training or are consistently performing in high levels of competition are especially in need.

Regular maintenance massages can identify and resolve problems BEFORE they become chronic-insuring your horse can stay in training or work.

Manipulation of the skin and muscles decreases/eliminates muscle spasm, promotes fluid and toxin drainage, and increases circulation of the blood. Massage has a sedating effect on the central nervous system, promoting the release of tension and stress, both physical and mental, leading to relaxation.


Equine Sports Massage Applications:

Muscle Spasm

Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain

Chronic Inflammatory Conditions


Dense Connective Tissue

Nervous Conditions/Bad Attitude Towards Work

Decreased Performance

Routine Maintenance/Preventative



Sports Massage